Welcome to the AMS Fleet Manager Dashboard

The dashboard is a sophisticated asset tracking solution for your vehicles. You can monitor all of your mobile assets and the drivers behind the wheel. The below diagram specifies each assets location, date, time, speed, direction and status information globally and this can all be tracked via your own personal login.’My

Sophisticated Asset Tracking

Maximising operational efficiency is the corner stone to any fleet based business. With the dashboard, tracking driver performance and vehicle usage in real time is easy, saving you time and money. The diagram below shows you how your vehicles are tracked and how the information is recorded and reported to you. The dashboard can report when staff are using your assets outside of your authorisation and alert you instantly by SMS or email.


As a business owner you have to trust in your drivers every day, but do you fully know what they are doing behind the wheel and could you make changes that will improve their driving performance? AMS Fleet Manager dashboard can help you identify and eradicate bad driver habits with the Driver ID bolt on, which allows you to identify who is using the asset.

The dashboard allows you to use this data to help train drivers and increase their awareness that poor performance affects the business. It will improve your operations, performance, and customer service and help reduce your insurance, all saving you time and money in the long run.