The dashboard is a sophisticated asset tracking solution for your vehicles. You can monitor all of your mobile assets and your drivers driving style. The below diagram specifies each assets location, date, time, speed, direction and status information globally and this can all be tracked via your own personal login through any internet enabled device. Also the solution is tailored to your requirement but various additions include:


Live Screen

The live screen shows up to date information on your fleet of vehicles. The grid on the left contains all of the textual data alongside each asset name. The asset name is usually the vehicle registration number but can be anything the client requires, such as fleet number. At the bottom of the screen is various filter controls and search mechanisms to assist in finding the relevant information you may require. The mapping has 5 options for the end user, and these are selected by clicking the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the map.


Once a mapping selection is made, the system will refer to this as default when opening new screens or logging back in.


The Cog icon allows you to further adapt your default settings upon log in, and the Home icon controls which depots you wish to view. You can have multiple depots for different locations around the country, all containing the related assets.


The stats screen breaks down driver behavior elements by day. The small icon in the bottom left-hand corner allows you to navigate the calendar and select different days to view, with the default always being the current day. This screen is ideal for quickly comparing the way that drivers are treating the vehicles – if you hover over each section of the bar graph, you can see the event type and amount of breaches.


The Tiles screen allows the user to select an individual asset for review, or by using keyboard shortcuts, to block select assets and compare. When assets are selected a tile appears on the right hand panel, and by selecting the arrows in the corner of the box you can open a map or street view of the asset location.