AMS Fleet Manager

If you are looking for vehicle tracking then AMS has a diverse product base to suit your needs. Over the last 15 years client’s needs have evolved and our portfolio has increased to cater for the market place. They are many applications of vehicle tracking and we aim to ensure that your exact requirement is met. The product consists of two components the actual hardware that is installed but more importantly the AMS Dashboard is used to access the information. All the hardware products report to the same portal to make system use as easy as possible. Some competitors systems are convoluted and difficult to use so finding the information you need can be laborious. Our platform has been designed with a minimal mouse click approach.

Within AMS we have full control of the web portal as it is designed and maintained in-house. This gives us the ability to tailor the solution to customer’s exact requirement. This can be from custom reports through to the design and deployment of business applications such as job dispatch.


No contract – $17. 30 monthly, when you purchase the unit for $125

12 month contract  – $25.99 monthly

24 month contract  – $21.49 monthly

36 month contract  – $19.99 monthly

All units are easy to install, if you do however require installation there is a fee of $100 per unit.

Shipping and taxes apply


We offer various hardware sets:


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This is a tracking device that has internal antennas and is IP67 rated, allowing perfect positioning for GPS reception that is hardwired behind the dashboard. This product also features the option of an internal back up battery. This allows the devises to be used on powered assets that do not have weather proof enclosures such as; motorbikes, quad bikes, boats and machinery.

As in all our products we use a multi roaming SIM card that will select any available network and maximize connectivity to the server infrastructure. The device is deployed with one minute reporting so each minute you will have a position update. This is configurable but one minute is the most popular configuration. The unit reports all driver behavior breaches including; idle time, over speed of a set limit, harsh braking cornering and acceleration. In addition the device has a further 2 digital inputs that sense when something is turned on or off, an analogue input that measures a voltage input from a source, 1 wire technology that can receive information from a temperature probe for example finally it has 2 digital outputs that we can use to turn on or off something within the vehicle. Functions available from this device include:

  • Driver ID
  • immobilization
  • Driver feedback on harsh driver behavior
  • Driver behavior
  • Temperature probe
  • PTO On/Off
  • Privacy button
  • Business or private miles button
  • Fuel level from an analogue sender
  • Internal antennas
  • Optional back up battery



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The OBD device is a self-contained unit that takes its power from the vehicles OBD port. AS with the FMLite versions it has a multi network roaming SIM and reports on a 1 minute cycle. It includes driver behavior but has no additional inputs or outputs. It has an internal battery which allows the unit to track for around 30 minutes after it is unplugged. It is designed to be a self-installation which saves money on the initial purchase but also subsequent requirements to move the device on fleet rotation. Some vehicles OBD ports can make the device intrusive so it is supplied with two further fitting options;

  • A low profile connector cable that allows the device to be secreted away and leave the port unhindered
  • A hardwire connector kit which allows the unit to be connected to a live and ground source anywhere in the vehicle, this does mean there is a more involved installation however.

This hardware option is ideal for people that change vehicles regularly or wish to swap the tracker around a fleet of vehicles.



This is a powerful waterproof GPS tracker designed for non-powered fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by a user replaceable lithium battery pack. Configuration allows it to wake up on a pre-set schedule to check if it needs to shift from dormant to active status and/or send update of its current location, then returning to a dormant state. Optimally configured, it will operate autonomously for 1000 days. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows the AMS AT to detect asset movement and transmit an alert message. It’s an ideal unit to deploy for long term once a day tracking with easily replaceable batteries. The unit will alert at low power status to allow the end user to schedule the battery replacement. Easy to use and easy to install it’s an ideal device for multiple applications.


AMSAT Powered

– This is the same as the AMSAT but has an external power source connection of 6-36V this will recharge the internal batteries. This is an ideal application for trailers and caravans.  When the asset has power it will recharge the internal batteries when there is no power it will last 2-3 weeks under its own power on normal daily reporting.


AMS Dashboard

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Whichever hardware option is right for you organization or even a combination of hardware’s they all report through our web portal that is designed and maintained within AMS. Being designed and managed in-house it gives us great flexibility in how we deliver the telemetry data. The site is designed with ease of use as the key element. Once logged in the site is easily navigated and data made readily available. Once you have purchased the system you will be taken through the operation of the site and if you should ever have any questions our Team is always available to help.

We retain all data for the term of your contract and display a live feed of information as your assets are in use

All the functions you need to manage your fleet are available in the AMS Dashboard. From setting up your own users to changing drivers names every tool is there and simple to use. Please call our sales staff on 1-855-265-6645 who will be happy to help you select the right hardware and take you through a demonstration of our comprehensive web portal and the functions that are relevant to you in your business.