FML – IP67 with Immobilization Feature
Step By Step Self Installation Guide


Tool Requirements

  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Prying Tool or Flat head screw driver can work (required for interior Knee panel)
  • Crimping Tool or Pliers
  • Plastic Tie Wraps
  • Wire Crimps or Wire Nuts
  • Wire cutter

Step 1

Locate Knee panel under steering wheel as shown on the picture below. You will need either a screw driver and or the prying tool, Please note that not all vehicle panels have screws, some may have pressure clips holding it in place so proceed with caution. If you are having difficulty removing the panel Please google search your make and model vehicle for a tutorial of panel removal.

Panel with Screws

Panel with Screws

Panel with Pressure Clips

Panel with Pressure Clips

Step 2

Once knee panel is removed you need to locate your vehicles constant power wire (12+) and vehicles Ignition wire. Please go to the following site and search for your make and model vehicle.

Step 3

Once those 2 wires are located you will need your wire cuter to cut into them or splice them to tap into the power and ignition source.

Step 4

Now locate your immobilizer harness that was supplied to you by AMS to immobilize your vehicle (see picture below). The following wires from that harness need to be spliced or cut. White, BLUE and RED



The Following step are very important to avoid any issues after installation, if you have any questions please call AMS on 01473 891011 and ask to be transferred to support to walk you through if needed.

Step 5

Connect device RED wire and relay WHITE wire together with vehicle constant power source. (Positive side of battery)

Step 6

Connect device PINK wire with relay BLACK wire.

Step 7

Find ignition key wire. (Line if cut car won’t start) Cut ignition wire. Connect Relay BLUE wire with ignition wire leading to ignition key.

Step 8

Connect relay RED to ignition wire leading to relay panel or motor.

Step 9

Connect device YELLOW wire to from device together with the relay RED

Step 10

Connect device BLUE wire to vehicle ground.

Step 11

Relay YELLOW wire is connected to nothing.

Step 12

You’re almost done congrats!!!, now it’s the clean up portion of the installation. This is essential that all wires and unit are tie wrapped securely so it does not come out of place while the vehicle is in use which can cause poor GPS signal or damage to the unit. All other wires that were not used must be tie wrapped for later use if needed. Also the unit will have a label showing which way it will need to face to receive optimum signal for tracking your vehicles.

Once those 11 steps are completed please call AMS on 1-855-267-8725 and ask to be transferred to support to trouble shoot installation and to complete job. Thank you for your great work