OBD Self Installation Guide


This installation requires no tools

Step 1

Locating your vehicles OBD port, this port will be located underneath your steering wheel panel close to your gas and brake pedals, please look at the pictures below for reference of the location of the port and what it looks like.


Step 2

Now that you located your OBD port on your vehicle, now depending if you would like to conceal your OBD device or not you will need the OBD extension cable included in your package. (Please refer to the picture below).

Step 3

If this unit does not need to be concealed just plug your OBD straight into the port and you are done but If you do need to conceal this device you will need to plug you extension into the OBD port and the other end into your OBD device and hide it under the dashboard. Note this unit cannot be enclosed in any metal because it will affect the OBD units GPS signal.


Congrats your Done!!!

Now that the Installation of your AMS unit is complete please call 1-855-267-8725 to troubleshoot the device and make sure everything is working properly before use. Thank you for purchasing from AMS, Thank you and have a great day.