• Farmers Coop Elevator

    "Farmers Cooperative Elevator has been serving the USA’s agriculture sector as a major distributor of grain and animal feed for 100 years. The main objective in introducing a fleet management solution to our operation was to access real time information of our driver’s whereabouts and behaviors throughout the day. We also wanted to optimize their routes and be able to manage their time more efficiently. Since implementing the AMS tracking system we not only achieved our initial objective but we were soon alerted to a mechanical issue with one of our vehicles. This fault in the vehicle caused it to use far more fuel than our other vehicles of the same make and model. The AMS tracking system allowed us to identify and correct this fault in a very timely manner. This one benefit has saved us a lot of money that would have been wasted in fuel. We couldn’t be happier with the streamlined approach AMS offered and are happy with the personal nature with which our support calls are handled. " - Farmers Coop Elevator

  • Moraga Country Club and Homeowner’s Association

    "Moraga Country Club is a Homeowners’ Association that includes 521 private residences, a clubhouse with restaurant, swimming pools, tennis facilities, and a beautiful 18 hole golf course. Moraga Country Club was established in 1973, and has been a thriving community and recreational facility ever since. To aid better management of our security staff we decided to look into vehicle tracking and were pleasantly surprised at the reasonable pricing and streamlined approach AMS had to offer. Our primary intention in installing the GPS was to support our security officers and give data backing up their work routes, speed and daily activity reports. Every now and then we would have a complaint that a security officer was not covering an area enough or was driving too fast. Thanks to the AMS fleet management solution we are able to verify the actions of each security officer at the end of their shift. We can ensure any complaints and inquiries are dealt with in an educated manner and not only protect our residents better but also our driver’s reputations." - Moraga Country Club and Homeowner’s Association

  • Maxmed Healthcare

    "Maxmed Healthcare is a provider of health care services in the San Antonio, Texas area. Employees drive several company owned vehicles with the expectation the vehicle use is for business purposes. The operating expenses of the vehicles are substantial when the total costs of the fuel, maintenance, insurance and the vehicle costs are added up. A gps, based vehicle asset tracking solution was installed in company vehicles to have the tools to confirm the vehicles are being driven for business reasons. The company chose the Asset Monitoring Solution, AMS, solution because it is cost effective, easy to use, complete system. The AMS system provides the reporting and real-time information to validate when company vehicles are being used outside of business hours. AMS has met our business needs well based on cost effectiveness and the customer experience it provides Maxmed as a client of AMS. " - Maxmed Healthcare

  • Alcon Express

    "Alcon Express LLC is a Florida based trucking company. The company decided to install a gps based tracking system because it became aware the company drivers were burning company payroll and time during jobs. In the past, without the AMS system in place, the company depended on the information given by its drivers about trip duration and truck location. It turned out drivers were not being responsible costing the company expenses and creating issues with its account relationships. The AMS system has eliminated many of these negative incidents through the follow-up and control it provides Alcon Express managers. Alcon Express has found out potential customers view contracting a trucking company that is using a tracking solution in its operations as a positive factor in the decision to do business. The AMS system pays for itself and it is now a new selling point with the customers of Alcon Express. " - Alcon Express